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Data-Planet Statistical Datasets: Guide Contents

Learn more about the statistical datasets and sources available in Data-Planet.


This guide has several different tabs along the top, organized in the following content areas:

About Data-Planet Statistical Datasets

How to use Data-Planet Statistical Datasets:

Access to Data-Planet

The Data-Planet repository is accessible via two complementary interfaces:


Data-Planet Statistical Datasets is available via IP (and proxy server) authentication:

Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference can be accessed directly at It is available to all Data-Planet Statistical Datasets subscribers at no charge, providing an additional means of exploring the massive Data-Planet repository of statistical data.

(EZproxy users, please visit here.)

Data-Planet Statistical Datasets

Data-Planet Statistical Datasets offers powerful capabilities to manipulate and compare the millions of variables in the Data-Planet repository of statistical data sourced from public and private organizations.

EZproxy Links to Data-Planet

Note: EZproxy users

Access to Data-Planet by Conquest Systems requires the following configuration in the config.txt/ezproxy.cfg file. Note that ALL lines of code listed, including HTTPHeader information, must be configured.

HTTPHeader X-Requested-With

HTTPHeader X-GWT-*

T Data-Planet






HTTPHeader X-Requested-With

HTTPHeader X-GWT-*

T Ready Reference





After editing config.txt, the EZproxy server must be restarted to make changes take effect.

Data-Planet Tutorial

Click here for an excellent introduction to Data-Planet by Amanda Howell, Business Librarian, Andersen Library, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Thanks Amanda! 


ATTN Library Administrators: Please link to Data-Planet  search guides from your library's website! Also feel free to re-use and customize guides for your institution.

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