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Infogroup Business USA: About Infogroup Datasets

Introduction to Infogroup datasets available in Data Planet, as a premium offering.

About Infogroup Business USA

Infogroup is a big data, analytics and marketing services provider. Infogroup provides both digital and traditional marketing channel expertise drawing on proprietary data collected on millions of business establishments.

The Infogroup Business USA dataset provides data on businesses in the United States, at national and subnational geographic units. Data on businesses in US territories is also included. Data are collected from multiple sources, including direct calls to businesses. Statistics are presented on company counts, employee counts, and sales by industry, company, and company location.

Finding Premium Datasets by Subject

Infogroup Business USA is one of several premium datasets available in the Data Planet repository. (Others include EASI Market Analytics, China Data Center (subnational data), Worldwide Stock Market Prices and Precious Metals Daily Prices. For more information on the premium offerings, click here.) 

To see if your library subscribes to any of these modules, look in the indicator panel (the panel on the left side) in Data Planet Statistical Datasets. If available at your library, you will see the datasets listed both by Subject and Source, as below.

Infogroup Business USA: DataSheet and Search Examples

Click on the links below to view DataSheets comprising statistical abstracts complete with infographics of indicators describing US business and industry created in Data Planet Statistical Datasets. Log in to explore the data at even more granularity - as well as relationships between these statistics and other indicators in the vast Data Planet repository. 

The integration of Infogroup Business USA into Data Planet allows users to drill deep into the dataset and create customized charts, trends, rankings, and maps comparing companies, company subsidiaries, and industries across states, counties, and ZIP codes. Analyze competing companies; explore industries for untapped opportunity; target communities for product launch; and much more. In reviewing the samples below, identify the question(s) the data answers for marketing and entrepreneurial initiatives.

Residential Building Construction industries - ranking of Arizona counties

Golf Courses and Country Clubs  - ranking of South Carolina ZIP codes by count of employees of golf courses and country clubs

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting revenue/sales - ranking of revenue/sales earnings of agriculture industries in California counties

Oil and Gas Extraction industries - ranking of the top 15 Texas counties by count of industries involved in oil and gas extraction

Fruit and Tree Nut Farming - compares the trend in revenue and sales earnings of fruit and tree nut farming in Georgia and Florida.

Urban Transit Systems - compares counts of employees in Illinois and New York

Burger King locations - ranks US states by number of Burger King locations in 2015

Burger King revenue/sales - compares revenue/sales at two Burger King locations in Maryland

Foot Locker employees - ranks states by count of employees at Kids' Foot Locker vs Lady Foot Locker locations

Darden's vs Dine Equity market share - ranks states by market share of two major restaurant groups



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