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COVID-19 Dataset from European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

by Data Planet ™ on 2020-07-02T19:45:00-04:00 in Health, International Relations and Trade | Comments

Scrutiny of the COVID-19 pandemic’s epidemiology continues apace as the world’s scientific community works toward identifying ways of dealing with the outbreak and its effects. Data Planet users will have noticed that statistics on COVID-19 counts of confirmed cases by nation are available in Data Planet in the first position of the In the News listing visible upon entry into the platform. Astute Data Planet users will also be aware that daily and total counts of deaths and rates per 1,000,000 population for cases and deaths are available in the Browse by Source listing under the data publisher, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, an agency of the European Union.



The incidence rate of the disease, expressed as rate per 1,000,000 population, offers a means of making a straightforward comparison of national trends. Data Planet calculates this rate based on population data provided in the ECDC dataset and cumulative totals of daily cases reported by ECDC since 12/31/2019. See the chart below for a comparison of rates per 1,000,000 population of total confirmed cases for Brazil, Russia, and the United States, the three nations with the highest total number of confirmed cases as of July 2, 2020:


The ECDC dataset is openly available at the ECDC website.

We’ve also published a Data Planet LibGuide available here with interactive charts and daily updates.


For more COVID-related resources available from SAGE Publishing, please visit our research microsite here

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