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New to Data Planet: Data Axle Reference Solutions: Historical US Residential

by Data Planet ™ on 2022-04-29T18:29:31-04:00 in About Data Planet Premium Datasets, Industry, Business, and Commerce, Population and Income | 0 Comments

Recently released in Data Planet is the very granular Data Axle Reference Solutions: Historical US Residential dataset. This premium content provides household-level information on residences in the United States, at national, state, county, census tract, and ZIP code levels. Estimates of household income, wealth, purchasing power, and home value are segmented by household and dwelling characteristics, providing rich insight into the socioeconomic characteristics of a community. For example, the chart below ranks the percentage of households in Boulder County, Colorado, with estimated purchasing power of $500,000+ by age of head of household:  

With temporal coverage spanning 2006-2020, the data further allow analysis of community growth and declines in population and economic levels over time across geographies. This dataset will be especially useful to students and researchers in the areas of business planning and public policy development. For more information and examples of data included in this powerful dataset, visit here .


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