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Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference: Search Results

Viewing Search Results

Unlike many other systems, searches are conducted in real time: The system is searching an incredibly complex web of data, narrative, metadata, and values at one time, and often will retrieve thousands of results. The results are compiled on the fly and returned in standard format, grouped by similar, most relevant results. The higher the number of stars, the more relevant the document is to your query. The Sort by dropdown also allows you to view All Results:



In the results view, live mouse-over action provides a display of alternative data visualizations. In the list below, the first result shows a trend line, the second a ranking of states, and the third a map of US states.



Clicking on a result or link within any result set will open a dynamic DataSheet. From the DataSheet, users can search for related data, link to Statistical Datasets to perform more detailed data analysis, search for related non-data content, download the data, a perpetual DOI link to the data, or a pdf of the DataSheet.

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