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Data Planet Joins the SAGE Family!

On January 17, 2018, SAGE Publishing announced the acquisition of Data Planet. Customers will continue to access their content as usual and will hear more from SAGE in due course. The full press announcement can be read here. If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ.

April 2015 Charleston Advisor Review of Data Planet

We are proud to announce publication of a review of Data Planet in the Charleston Advisor April 2015 issue. Reviewer Jennifer Starkey of Oberlin College in Ohio offers a thorough and thoughtful assessment of the Data Planet repository of statistical data, and assigns a composite score of 4-1/8 stars of a possible 5 for Content, User Interface/Searchability, Pricing, and Contract Options.

Ms. Starkey recognizes that “there are no products that directly compete with Data Planet, but there are a number of resources specializing in access to statistical information that are available to libraries.” She concludes that “Data Planet rates highly in comparison, with its broad coverage of subjects, focus on time series data, provision of raw data that can be downloaded or viewed using the analytical tools, and the overall number of data sources available.” 

To read the full-text of the openly accessible review, click the link below.

May 2015 Information Advisor Review of Data Planet

Co-Editor Robert Berkman presents a detailed discussion of the Data Planet repository and platform in his review, “Data Planet Offers a Universe of Statistical Information,” published in the Information Advisor’s Guide to Internet Research  in May 2015. Following a thorough analysis of the platform, Berkman makes a positive evaluation of its content and functionality, and offers insightful recommendations for enhancements.

Berkman concludes that ““We were extremely impressed with Data Planet. It seems to have done (nearly) everything right. It has culled some of the best public datasets available, did an outstanding job of normalizing the data for a seamless browse and search experience, provides superb value-added features, including the overlay and calculation, and is well-thought-out and intelligently designed throughout. The intense attention to quality, clarity, and detail is evident, and the online help and assistance pages are excellent as well.”

New Data Planet Statistical Datasets User Interface Coming Soon

March 4, 2014 - Data Planet™ is delighted to announce the availability of a PREVIEW of our new Data Planet Java-free user interface. The new UI has cleaner usability, more charting options, new mapping, and the integration of a more powerful search capability. Plus, it is does not require Java! Visualizations also now appear with statistical abstracts that describe the data content, similar to Data Planet DataSheets.

Subscribers can authenticate to the preview of the new Data Planet Statistical Datasets UI via . If you don't have access to the Data Planet repository, send us an email at and we'll be happy to set your institution up with a trial.

Visit our user guide  for more detail about features and functionality. The release currently available is a preview - development will be ongoing during the preview period.

Please check out our new interface and let us know your comments and suggestions! Send to We look forward to hearing from you!

Conferences and Meetings

2019 Events

  • November 2019: Charleston Conference, Charleston, South Carolina
  • June 2019: American Library Association Conference, New Orleans, Lousiana
  • April 2019: ACRL 2019, Cleveland, Ohio
  • March 2019: Electronic Resources & Libraries Conference, Austin, Texas
  • January 2019: ALA Midwinter Meeting, Seattlle, Washington

2018 Events

  • November 2018, Charleston Conference, Charleston, SC
  • June 2018, ALA Annual, New Orleans, FL
  • February 2018, ALA Midwinter Meeting, Denver, CO - Find Data Planet in the SAGE Publishing booth #1928

2017 Events

  • November 2017: Charleston Conference, Charleston, SC
  • June 2017: American Library Association Conference, Chicago, IL
  • April 2017: Electronic Resources & Libraries Conference, University of Texas, Austin
  • March 2017: ACRL 2017, Baltimore, MD
  • January 2017: ALA Midwinter Meeting, Atlanta, GA

2016 Events

  • November 2016: Charleston Conference, Charleston, SC
  • June 2016: American Library Association conference, Orlando, FL
  • April 2016:  Electronic Resources & Libraries, Austin, TX
  • March 2016: The Collective, Knoxville, TN
  • March 2016: SCELC Vendor Day, Los Angeles, CA


Data Planet™ and Paratext’s Public Documents Masterfile™

January 21, 2013 -  DataSheets providing a visual representation, links to data, and contextual descriptions of indicators in the vast Data Planet repository of statistical data will be accessible for Paratext's Public Documents Masterfile subscribers.

Data Planet™ is pleased to announce that it has recently signed an agreement with Paratext, a leader in providing access to United States government documents, to index an extensive collection of Data Planet DataSheets representing US federal datasets information, in Public Documents Masterfile (PDM).

Libraries who subscribe to both resources will link directly from search results into more than 150,000 Data Planet DataSheets, complete with a chart, map, or graph, statistical abstract, and downloadable datasets. Public Documents Masterfile users without a subscription to Data Planet will link directly to the DataSheet statistical abstract and citation.

For more information, click here or contact us at 

Data Planet and Discovery Services

EBSCO Discovery Service

May 16, 2013 - EBSCO and Data Planet™ have reached an agreement that for the first time provides statistical DataSheets within a discovery service. A growing collection of more than 5,000 summary-level data records from Data Planet will be available within EBSCO Discovery Service™ allowing mutual customers to link directly to Data Planet DataSheets.

Primo Central Index

August 27, 2013: Data Planet™ is pleased to announce that it has recently signed an agreement with Ex Libris® Group, a world leader in the provision of library technology solutions, to include its extensive collections of original datasets in the Primo Central Index. More than 12,000 summary-level data records from Data Planet will be available in the Primo Central Index, allowing all PCI users to link directly to Data Planet DataSheets. This number will quickly grow to more than 120,000 records.

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