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Personal Consumption Expenditures by State: Using BEA Personal Consumption Expenditures Data in Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference

Provides an overview of the Personal Consumption Expenditures dataset, produced by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, and tips for searching the dataset in Data Planet Statistical Datasets and Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference.

Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference

Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference provides simple and refined searching of the extensive Data-Planet repository of standardized and structured statistical data. 

About BEA Personal Consumption Expenditures by State

This dataset provides prototype estimates of personal consumption expenditures (PCE) for states in 16 expenditure categories that correspond to the national-level expenditure categories published by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). PCE represents the goods and services purchased by or on behalf of households, plus the purchases of nonprofit institutions serving households, and includes expenditures of residents on activities outside of the state. The estimates are provided for eight categories of goods and seven categories of services, and for net expenditures of nonprofit institutions serving households. The PCE-by-state estimates are reported in current dollars, and reflect variation in both prices and quantities. These prototype statistics will be further assessed, with continued review of the estimation methodology and incorporation of improved data sources, and BEA projects a release of official statistics in 2015.

For more information, visit the BEA website.

Using Personal Consumption Expenditures Statistics in Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference

To view statistics from the Bureau of Economic Analysis Personal Consumption Expenditures dataset in Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference, enter the words "Personal Consumption Expenditures by State" in the Quick Search box. To retrieve more detailed data, add state, names of goods or services of interest, etc., or select from the type-ahead, which shows the granularity of the available data:



The results page presents a short view of the record:



Click on the record and review the resulting DataSheet. Here you can view the trend, map, or ranking, export the data in csv or Excel, export the DataSheet itself as a pdf, or click to View in Statistical Datasets, where you can examine relationships between the indicators included in BEA Local Areas Statistics  and multiple additional indicators (see "Using Personal Consumption Expenditures Data in Data-Planet Statistical Datasets".)  Below presents a DataSheet showing Personal Consumption Expenditures in the state of Hawaii.


The DataSheet contains a citation and also allows you to create a DOI of the DataSheet. The DOI ensures that each time you reference the data in a paper or elsewhere that the reader can view the exact view of the DataSheet at the time you created it. The resulting link also provides an opportunity  to update the DataSheet with new data where available.


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