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China Data Center: Exploring China Data Center Datasets in Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference

Here you'll find information on using the China Data Center datasets in the Data-Planet repository.

Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference

Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference provides simple and refined searching of the extensive Data-Planet repository of standardized and structured statistical data. 

About the China Data Center Datasets

The China Data Center datasets provide yearly historical indicators of social and economic characteristics of the People’s Republic of China. Included are national-level statistics dating in some cases to the 1950s. Premium subscriptions  to Data-Planet also include access to subnational data distributed by the China Data Center, which provides data (as available) for all provinces, cities and counties within provinces, all cities, and all counties in China.

Statistics are provided on population; national accounts, including Gross Domestic Product and Balance of Payments; employment, labor, and wages; financial and banking data; price indices; government income and expenditures; agriculture; industry, construction, and transportation; domestic and foreign trade; education; health; and natural resources. The data are collected primarily by the National Bureau of Statistics of China, who is charged with the administration of the national statistical information system of China.

For "Explanatory Notes on Main Statistical Indicators of Macro-economy,” All China Data Center China Data Online, see Also, search the knowledge bank at .

Exploring the China Data Center Datasets in Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference

To quickly view sample indicators in the China Data Center datasets in Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference, type "China Data Center" in the main search box. The results presents a short view of the records retrieved. Use the Time Range slider on the left-hand side of the results list to narrow by time period. Facets also allow you to narrow by Subject Terms, Source (though not relevant here), Database from which the results are returned, and Level of Geographic Detail.


Click on a record and review the resulting DataSheet. Here you can view the trend, export the data in csv or Excel, export the DataSheet itself as a pdf, or click to View in Data-Planet Statistical Datasets, where you can compare multiple indicators and explore other relationships (see Exploring the China Data Center Datasets in Data-Planet Statistical Datasets for more information).

The DataSheet contains a citation with a DOI (Digital Object Identifiers), which ensures that each time you reference the data in a paper or elsewhere, the reader can view the exact view of the DataSheet at the time you created it. The resulting link also provides an opportunity  to update the DataSheet with new data where available. For more on DOIs in Data-Planet, please visit here.





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