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Marketing Resources and Data Planet News for Libraries: Data Planet Access: IP and Proxy Authentication Instructions

Tools to help libraries communicate about the Data Planet statistical repository with their communities.

Access to Data Planet

The Data Planet repository is accessible via two complementary interfaces:

 Data Planet Statistical Datasets is available via IP (and proxy server) authentication at The Data Planet Statistical Datasets interface allows users to browse available datasets by subject and source and to manipulate variables to create customized views of the data, as well as to search for statistics of interest via Quick and/or Advanced Search.

Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference can be accessed directly at This access point connects users directly to Data Planet's Quick and Advanced Search functions.

Direct Links into Premium Datasets

We recommend configuring direct links into Data Planet Premium Datasets [China Yearly Statistics (National and Subnational datasets), Claritas Consumer Profiles, Claritas Financial and Insurance CLOUT, EASI Market Planner, Infogroup Business USA, and International Equities and Metals, Quarterly Workforce Indicators) for institutions that subscribe to any of these individual datasets. Please see the Marketing Resources for Libraries page in this Guide for recommended dataset descriptions for library catalogs.

Configuration for direct links into Premium Datasets:

China Yearly Statistics (national and subnational datasets):

Claritas Consumer Profiles:

Clatitas Financial and Insurance CLOUT:

EASI Market Planner:

Infogroup Business USA:

International Equities and Metals:

Quarterly Workforce Indicators:

EZproxy Links to Data Planet

Note that Data Planet config.txt is included in the consolidated SAGE Publications and Journals database stanza available here. ​

Access to Data Planet: A SAGE Publishing Resource requires the following configuration in the config.txt/ezproxy.cfg file. Note that ALL lines of code listed, including HTTPHeader information, must be configured.

T Data-Planet

HTTPHeader -request -process X-Requested-With

HTTPHeader -request -process X-GWT-*








T Ready Reference 

HTTPHeader -request -process X-Requested-With

HTTPHeader -request -process X-GWT-*








After editing config.txt, the EZproxy server must be restarted to make any changes take effect.

Innovative Interfaces WAM proxy

WAM Forward Table:

No changes to the forward table are required when a resource starts using https.

WAM proxy access:

1. Confirm that your proxy server server IP address is recognized by Data Planet. If you have any questions on this, please contact us at with the proxy server IP address.

2. Add the proxied  link to your database page. 

NOTE: You will also need to make sure that your SSL certificate covers the proxied domains that will be using https. 


Contact Innovative Interfaces Inc. Customer Services department with questions:


Data Planet



ATTN DATA PLANET SUBSCRIBERS: Be sure you are logged into your library's network in order to access the Data Planet database from the links provided in these guides.

 Questions, comments, suggestions, technical support requests? Contact us at:




ATTN Library Administrators: Please feel free to re-use and customize Data Planet guides for your institution.

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