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Marketing Resources and Data Planet News for Libraries: User Administration Module

Tools to help libraries communicate about the Data Planet statistical repository with their communities.

Accessing the Data Planet User Administration Module

The Data Planet User Administration Module is available at

Site Administrators should contact at Data Planet to request log-in credentials.


Customization Options

After logging in to the User Administration Module, you'll land on the Profile page, where you can add your name and phone number, confirm IP ranges, reset your password, and view usage statistics. (If you need to update your IP ranges, please contact 

Click on the branding tab to add your institution's logo to the Data Planet interface. 

Click on the links tab to add up to three links to the Help menu on the Data Planet interface. Links can be added for email, blogs, chats, websites, etc.


Here's where your logo will appear when your users access the Data Planet interface:

Additional Tips on Viewing Usage Statistics in Data Planet

Calculator Tool:

Click on the Calculator icon on the tool bar above the chart to calculate derived statistics. For example, a new derived column is created in the example below by selecting the Function "% Difference from previous."

Click on "Save to Chart" to view the resulting statistics. Note that you can choose to display the new statistic in the chart by using the check box next above the chart:



​Notice the option to Create DOI that appears below each chart you create. This DOI can be shared with others allowing them to see an exact view of the chart at the time you created it. For more information on DOIs, visit DOIs in Data Planet.


Viewing Usage Statistics

Click on View Usage in the User Admin module to view and/or export your institution's usage statistics. The link lands you in the Data Planet interface. On the left-hand side of the screen, you'll see two usage statistics datasets: the first one includes the view that Data Planet has provided historically, along with statistics meeting COUNTER 4 guidelines. For definitions of usage metrics, please see the information available in the indicator metadata, which appears below the chart, or on Usage Statistics Reporting Practices page in this guide). Use the Time options to select the time period of interest. You'll notice the chart is updated each time you change your selection. Below is an example showing the monthly trend in number of Regular Searches conducted in Data Planet for one of our demo accounts: 


Statistics are presented by interface and by product for metrics such as Result Clicks and Record Views, allowing you to examine statistics separately for your Data Planet Basic subscription as well as for any Premium Datasets that your institution subscribes to. 


If you're interested in comparing numbers of Sessions in the two interfaces, use the multi-select function to select both options: Press the Control (WINDOWS) key or Command (MAC) key on your keyboard and left-mouse click on the two items:


Click on Show Data in the tool bar above the chart to see the actual counts. Note that the label Show Data changes to Hide Data allowing you to easily revert to the chart view alone.





Click on Export in the tool bar to export the statistics: Note that excel and delimited text will export data only. The PDF option exports the chart.







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