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US Politics: Democrat vs Republican Control of Congress and the Presidency: Political Party Overlays in Data Planet Statistical Datasets

Explore social and economic trends in the US during periods when Democrats vs Republicans held control of US House, US Senate, and/or presidency.

Congress by Party in Data Planet Statistical Datasets

Data for the Congress by Party datasets are based on information published on the websites of the US House of Representatives, Office of the Clerk and the US Senate Historical Office.

Find these listed in two places in the indicator tree:

  • Browse by Subject → Government and Politics
  • Browse by Source  US Congress

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Tracking Social and Economic Trends by Political Party Control

Using the powerful capability of Data Planet Statistical Datasets to compare multiple indicators from different sources, you can explore various social and economic trends according to political party control of Congress. The chart below shows the trend over time in which party had more seats in the US House of Representatives for a given year:



Compare trends in other indicators according to whether Republicans vs Democrats held control of the US Congress by holding down the control (Ctrl) key and left clicking when selecting the other indicator(s) of interest. For example, in the chart below, housing starts are viewed against when Republicans vs Democrats held majorities in the US House.



Similarly, it is possible to view trends in metrics such as the price of crude against the percentages of Republicans vs Democrats in the US Senate:



Many other interesting trends can be tracked against party control in the US Congress. Remember of course that the graphs show only facts that may or may not be related and provide no evidence of a causal relationship between the two. However, the possibility of a relationship, causal or not, just might trigger further investigation in your own research!


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