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Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference: DataSheets

Statistical Ready Reference DataSheets

The Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference search interface retrieves search results in the form of DataSheets, which are compiled "on the fly." (In Data Planet Statistical Datasets, DataSheets appear in the Results Panel and are available for export as pdf.) DataSheets provide a cleanly formatted visual representation of the data, links to the underlying data, and contextual descriptions of the data source, indicator and dataset from which the indicator derives. DataSheets provide a highly dynamic way to review the data, along with a bibliographic description and citation to the indicator. Note that you can also enter Data Planet Statistical Datasets directly from the DataSheet by clicking on the link below the chart on the far right:


Manipulating the DataSheet

The DataSheets provide a variety of options for data visualization. For example, in the DataSheet below, selecting "Ranking of States" changes the display to a ranking of states by graduation rates.




Hovering over a ranking or trend will display individual datapoints:



Charts with Ranking options may also be customized using the "Customize Chart" option. Here, you can change the number of values displayed, and change how the data are sorted for display:



Export Data, Save or Print, Create DOI

Exporting the Data

The data series may be exported to excel or .csv using the links below the chart, graph, or map displayed in the DataSheet. Note that alternative formats may be available in Data Planet Statistical Datasets, including SPSS, SAS, and XML. If these alternative formats are of interest, click on "View in Statistical Datasets" and download the data here.

Save and/or Print

DataSheets may be printed or saved to .pdf using the links below the chart, graph, or map displayed in the DataSheet.

Create DOI

DataSheets provide DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) for use in work product, which link to the original DataSheet. The DOI links to a version of the DataSheet at the time it was created; an option is also provided for updating the DataSheet with current data. Export citations to reference manager software using the links in the DataSheet.

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