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Data Planet Statistical Datasets: Guide Contents

Learn more about the statistical datasets and sources available in Data Planet.


This guide has several different tabs along the top, organized in the following content areas:

About Data Planet Statistical Datasets

How to use Data Planet Statistical Datasets:

Access to Data Planet

The Data Planet repository is accessible via two complementary interfaces:


Data Planet Statistical Datasets is available via IP (and proxy server) authentication at The Data Planet Statistical Datasets interface allows users to browse available datasets by subject and source and to manipulate variables to create customized views of the data, as well as to search for statistics of interest via Quick and/or Advanced Search.

Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference can be accessed directly at This access point connects users directly to Data Planet's Quick and Advanced Search functions.


(EZproxy users, please visit here.)

Data Planet Statistical Datasets

Data Planet Statistical Datasets offers powerful capabilities to manipulate and compare the millions of variables in the Data Planet repository of statistical data sourced from public and private organizations.

EZproxy Links to Data Planet

Note: EZproxy users

Access to Data-Planet by Conquest Systems requires the following configuration in the config.txt/ezproxy.cfg file. Note that ALL lines of code listed, including HTTPHeader information, must be configured.

HTTPHeader X-Requested-With

HTTPHeader X-GWT-*

T Data-Planet







HTTPHeader X-Requested-With

HTTPHeader X-GWT-*

T Ready Reference






After editing config.txt, the EZproxy server must be restarted to make changes take effect.

Data Planet Tutorial

Watch a video tutorial on Data Planet below!

Or, click here for an excellent introduction to Data Planet by Amanda Howell, Business Librarian, Andersen Library, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Thanks Amanda! 

Data Planet




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