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Claritas Financial and Insurance CLOUT: About Claritas CLOUT

About Claritas CLOUT

The Claritas Financial and Insurance CLOUT database allows users to identify the potential demand for financial and insurance products and services by geographic area in the United States.

The database has two components: 

​Financial CLOUT provides geography-based estimates of market penetration and user household dollar volume for more than 100 financial products and services, including basic banking and financial services such as checking, savings, CDs, investments, and insurance products, as well as additional services, such as investment management. The data have been generated using statistical models developed using data gathered from over 150,000 nationwide Claritas Financial Track survey interviews. The robust sample size allows for data modeling at geographic levels from ZIP+4 to national estimates. in the nation. Both current-year estimates and five-year projections are available.

Insurance CLOUT provides geography-based estimates of usage and consumption for over 300 insurance and annuity products and services. Insurance products covered include automobile; life; residential; medical (including supplemental and Medicare supplemental insurance) and vision; accidental death and dismemberment; disability; and long-term care policies. The product also presents channel information, premium information, and consumer attitudes towards insurance. This dataset is generated using statistical models developed from the most current available Claritas Insurance Track survey and Claritas Pop-Facts demographic information. Claritas Insurance Track is an extensive online survey fielded across a national consumer panel of approximately 35,000 households every other year. The robust sample size allows for data modeling at geographic levels from ZIP+4 to national estimates. Both current-year estimates and five-year projections are available.

Finding Premium Datasets by Subject

The Claritas Financial and Insurance CLOUT database is one of seven premium datasets available in the Data Planet repository. (The others are China Data Institute [subnational data], InfoGroup Business USA, EASI Analytics, Quarterly Workforce Indicators, Claritas Consumer Profiles, and Woods and Poole). For more information on the premium offerings, click here.) 

To see if your library subscribes to any of these modules, look in the indicator panel (the panel on the left side) in Data Planet Statistical Datasets. If available at your library, you will see the datasets listed both by Subject and Source, as below:

Claritas CLOUT: DataSheet and Search Examples

Clink on the links below to view DataSheets comprising statistical abstracts complete with infographics of indicators describing demographic characteristics and behavior patterns of US consumers created in Data Planet. Log in to explore the data at even more granularity—as well as relationships between these statistics and other indicators in the vast Data Planet repository. 

Financial CLOUT examples:

  • Ranks 10 Utah counties by estimated count of households that who have any pension, retirement (including 401(k)), or tax-deferred savings plan in 2022: Click here.
  • Maps Washington, DC, ZIP codes by the count of households projected to have home equity lines of credit in 2027: Click here.
  • Shows Vermont counties by count of households whose spending is projected to exceed, be at, or below income in 2027: Click here.

Insurance CLOUT examples:

  • Shows the estimated average annual premium of all auto insurance policies per household in Texas in 2022: Click here.
  • Maps Maryland census tracts by count of households that have some type of life insurance policy: Click here.
  • Compares projected counts of households who purchase vision insurance through their employer or individually in 2027: Click here.


Claritas Financial Clout: Sample Data

The chart below maps Tennessee counties by projected average household balance of households with any Keoghs/HR10s or IRAs in 2026.

map of TN counties by projected average household balance of households who have any KEOGH/HR10s or IRAs

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About Claritas

Claritas is a leading provider of intelligent marketing information and target marketing. Pioneering a technique for geo-demographic segmentation in the 1970s, Claritas provides information about people, households, and businesses within any geographic area in the United States. Today, Claritas offers over 60 marketing databases, consumer segmentation systems, consulting services and software applications for site analysis, advertising sales, and customer targeting services. 

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