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DOIs in Data Planet: About DOIs

This guide describes DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) and how they are applied in Data Planet.

What are DOIs?

DOIs, or Digital Object Identifiers, are used to identify content objects in the digital environment. They provide an actionable, interoperable, persistent link of an object, which can be any entity (thing: physical, digital, or abstract). DOIs, as defined by the International DOI Foundation, are:

  1. Actionable – through use of identifier syntax and network resolution mechanism (Handle System®)
  2. Persistent – through combination of supporting improved handle infrastructure (registry database, proxy support, etc) and social infrastructure (obligations by Registration Agencies)
  3. Interoperable – through use of a data model providing semantic interoperability and grouping mechanism

DOIs mean that the same version of an article, image, dataset, graph, etc., can be retrieved at any point in future. 

Key Concepts

DOI = Digital Object Identifier

IDF = International DOI Foundation, the operating and governing organization:

RAs = DOI Registration Agencies, which are  members of IDF offering the system to customers who wish to assign DOI names

DOIs are structured as a unique alphanumeric string assigned to a digital object. In Data Planet, DOIs are assigned by the DataCite RA and each DOI is associated with a set of basic metadata and a URL pointer so that it uniquely identifies the content item and provides a persistent link to its location on the internet.

Official Documentation


DOI® Handbook – main source of definitive information

Factsheets – coverage of selected topics in detail

Printable Guide to DOIs in Data Planet

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