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Electricity and Fuel Oil Prices in the United States: About Energy Prices and Expenditures in the US

Describes statistics available in the Data Planet repository on electricity, propane, heating oil, and natural gas prices in the United States.

About US Energy Production, Consumption, Prices and Expenditures

The Data Planet repository includes many indicators related to prices of and expenditures on commonly used fuels in the United States, primarily sourced from the United States Energy Information Administration, as well as other agencies such as the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Statistics range from the price of heating oil, electricity, and gasoline by grade to the type of fuels used in housing units and expenditures on housing fuels. The repository also includes data from the EIA State Energy Data System (SEDS), which provides tens of thousands of datapoints describing trends in energy production, consumption, prices, and expenditures by state. 

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Subject Guides on Energy Prices, Production, and Consumption in the United States

Electricity and Fuel Oil Prices in the United States

Oil Production and Prices in the United States

US State Energy Data System

For international data on energy resources and demand, search on the broad subject classification of Energy Resources and Industries and on geography by nation.

Sample Data: Renewable Energy Consumption in the U.S.

Energy Prices and Expenditures: DataSheet Examples

Clink on the links below to view DataSheets comprising statistical abstracts complete with infographics of indicators relevant to energy prices and expenditures in the US. Subscribers can link from the DataSheet into Data Planet Statistical Datasets to further manipulate the data and explore relationships between energy metrics and other indicators in the vast Data Planet repository. [Note that when you are logged into Data Planet, you can create an updated version of the DataSheet to view the latest available data.]

The indicators below are just a sampling to give you an idea of the granularity of the available data. There are many, many more indicators on this topic in the repository - add additional search terms or contact your library staff for help in formulating your search strategy.

Residential Heating Oil Prices

Wholesale Heating Oil Prices

Residential Propane Prices

Wholesale Propane Prices

Electric Energy Average Price - All Sectors

Electric Energy Average Price - By Sector

Personal Consumption Expenditure by Type of Product - Gasoline and Other Energy Goods

American Community Survey - Count of Houses by Type of Heating Fuel

EASI Market Planner - Consumer Expenditures

Retail Gasoline Prices – All Grades

Retail Gasoline Prices – By Fuel Grade

Natural Gas Export vs Import Prices

Price of Natural Gas Delivered to Residential vs Commercial Customers


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