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Renewable Energy: Exploring Renewable Energy Statistics in Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference

Provides a guide to statistics on renewable energy resources in the Data Planet repository.

Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference

Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference provides simple and refined searching of the extensive Data-Planet repository of standardized and structured statistical data. 

About Renewable Energy Statistics

According to the National Resources Defense Council,  renewable energy comes from natural sources that are constantly and sustainably replenished, including wind, solar, biomass, biogas, geothermal, hydropower, and offshore wind, wave, and tidal energy. The Data-Planet repository includes a wealth of statistics on these types of energy, sourced from several government and international organizations.

Exploring Renewable Energy Statistics in Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference

To begin exploring statistics on renewable energy in Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference, type "renewable energy" in the search box. Alternatively, search on specific types of renewable energy resources, eg, solar, photovoltaic, hydroelectricity, etc.


The results page presents a short view of the records retrieved:


Click on a record and review the resulting DataSheet. Here you can view the trend, export the data in csv or Excel, export the DataSheet itself as a pdf, or click to View in Statistical Datasets, where you can examine relationships between recession periods and multiple indicators (see Exploring Renewable Energy Statistics in Statistical Datasets for more information).



The DataSheet contains a citation and also allows you to create a DOI of the DataSheet. The DOI ensures that each time you reference the data in a paper or elsewhere, the reader can view the exact view of the DataSheet at the time you created it. The resulting link also provides an opportunity to update the DataSheet with new data where available.





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