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Data Planet and Discovery Services: Discovery Services Partners

Documents Data Planet participation in the discovery services, and offers ways to promote discoverability.

Data Planet Discovery Services Partners

Data Planet is deeply committed to helping drive usage and promoting discoverability of library resources. 

Data Planet metadata records have been integrated into two DSPs:

  • ProQuest Summon (as of September 2017)
  • EBSCO Discovery Service (as of January 2018)
  • OCLC WorldCat Discovery (as of August 2018)
  • ProQuest Primo (as of May 2019)


We actively seek to partner with discovery service providers and metasearch vendors. Interested in partnering with us? Contact us at


Per NISO Open Discovery Initiative recommendations, Data Planet is pleased to provide the following Statement of Participation in Discovery Services:

SAGE, publisher of Data Planet Statistical Datasets, provides descriptive metadata to Discovery Service Providers (DSPs) via partner agreement. Beginning in June 2017, Data Planet has provided metadata records for ingesting into the central index of these products:

  • ProQuest Summon
  • ProQuest Primo
  • EBSCO Discovery Service
  • OCLC WorldCat Discovery

Content coverage:

Data Planet aggregates statistical datasets and the “full-text” of the datasets, ie, the underlying data points, is available to Data Planet subscribing institutions. Statistical data points, however, are not suitable for indexing in the DSPs. Rather, Data Planet provides over 60,000 metadata records resolving to high-level entry points of the 5.2 billion+ datasets available in the Data Planet application to the DSPs.

Metadata elements provided to DSPs:

Metadata Element


Dataset Title

Population Estimates from the Population Estimates - Detail (1980 - Current) database shown as count; Date Type: Year ; Age: All Ages ; Gender: All Genders ; Race: All Races

Dataset Source ("Author")

United States Census Bureau

Publisher Name

Data Planet by Conquest Systems

Place of Publication

Bethesda, MD

Date of Publication


Date Range of Content Item

(1980 - Current)

Market Product

Data Planet Statistical Datasets

Content Type

electronic resource

Content Format

online resource with data files; statistical data and abstract

Unique Dataset Identifier



Shows estimated population, by state, county, age, sex, and race and Hispanic ethnicity. Presents state and county…

Subject Terms

Population Distribution; Population Change; …

Geographic Terms

Alabama; Alaska; Arizona; Arkansas;…



Open Discovery Initiative Conformance Checklist

Below find Data Planet's completed ODI Conformance Checklist, describing Data Planet Statistical Datasets' conformance with NISO RP-19-2014, the recommended practices of NISO’s Open Discovery Initiative






Content Provider makes available to Discovery Service Providers core metadata and underlying full-text/original content for complete offerings. (1)
(p. 15)

Data Planet aggregates statistical datasets. The statistics that comprise the “full-text” of the content are not content items suitable for indexing in the Discovery Services; rather descriptive metadata describing the datasets are provided to the Discovery Service Providers


Content Provider makes available to Discovery Service Providers, the core set of metadata elements (see for each item submitted for indexing. (2)
(p. 15)

See Data Planet’s Statement of Participation in the Discovery Services (above) for a listing of metadata elements.


Content Provider provides the content item and additional descriptive content for as much of their content as possible. (3)
(p. 15)

Data Planet provides over 60,000 metadata records resolving to high-level entry points of the 4.9 billion+ datasets available in the Data Planet application to the DSPs. An overview of Data Planet sources and datasets, visit


Content Provider provides libraries, on request, with a statement of participation in the discovery services, including disclosure of coverage depth and content depth

(p. 22)

Data Planet’s Statement of Participation in the Discovery Services is publicly available above.


Content Provider's agreements with Discovery Service Providers do not include non-disclosure agreements.

(p. 22)



The transfer of Content Provider's data to Discovery Service Providers makes use of existing standards where applicable and uses one of the metadata encoding schemes listed in 3.3.3.

(p. 22)

Data Planet metadata elements are transferred to Discovery Service Providers via MARC21 and MART text encoding.

  • "Y" (for Yes) indicates compliance with the indicated paragraph of this Recommended Practice.
  • "P" (for Partial) indicates partial compliance for which explanatory comments should be entered in the last column.
  • "N" (for No) indicates noncompliance with the recommendation. 

Data Planet



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