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Data Planet Statistical Datasets: Mapping

Learn more about the statistical datasets and sources available in Data Planet.

Data Planet Maps

Data Planet comes with a robust - and easy-to-use - mapping feature. Data Planet maps are powered by Google Maps API, which allows for precise rendering of map images based on user geography selection and zoom level. Users are able to choose from several basic map types: thematic or terrain maps or satellite. Quickly move back and forth between views to decide on the view that best communicates the point you're trying to make.

The large +/- sign on the lower right of the map image can be used to zoom in for map detail or out to take a bird's eye view. Use the expand/contract icon on the upper right of the map image to view - you guessed it - in full screen, and easily toggle back to the window view.

a still image of a map created in Data Planet. The location of the options described are noted in the image.d


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