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Data Planet Statistical Datasets: About Data Planet Statistical Datasets

Learn more about the statistical datasets and sources available in Data Planet.

Data Usage General Guidelines

The Data Planet terms of use, available here, provide general guidelines for the use of data and infographics in Data Planet. The intent of the document is to prohibit commercial redistribution or repackaging of the data, duplicating or harvesting of the content, and creation of derivative products.

Access to Data Planet Statistical Datasets is provided by your library. The expectation is that faculty, staff, and/or students authorized to use Data Planet will indeed find data and create visualizations that will be included in the work and or research products developed. This type of usage is perfectly acceptable under the terms of use, provided that the data and visualizations provide attribution both to the source publisher of the data and to Data Planet. A formatted citation is included in the metadata that appears below the chart in the infographics you create (we call these DataSheets). 

Data Planet asks that use be limited to 500 charts, tables, and/or data downloads per work product. For use over this limit, please contact to request permission. Your request should describe the use and distribution of the charts, tables, and/or data downloads.

Access to Data Planet

Data Planet is available via IP (and proxy server) authentication at The Data Planet interface allows users to browse available datasets by subject and source and to manipulate variables to create customized views of the data, as well as to search for statistics of interest via Quick Search.

(EZproxy users, please visit here.)

Data Planet



ATTN DATA PLANET SUBSCRIBERS: Be sure you are logged into your library's network in order to access the Data Planet database from the links provided in these guides.

 Questions, comments, suggestions, technical support requests? Contact us at:




ATTN Library Administrators: Please feel free to re-use and customize Data Planet guides for your institution.

What Is Data Planet Statistical Datasets?

Data Planet is a web-based teaching and learning application that provides fast and easy access to data from licensed and public domain datasets within an easy-to-use interface. With this dynamic tool, you can scan the contents of the collection, select subjects and variables of interest, and view your data in side-by-side tables and charts. 

The Data Planet repository contains more than 65 billion datasets sourced from 90+ source organizations. There are billions of charts, maps, views, rankings, time series and tables available for use in the Data Planet repository. All of the data have been standardized and structured, and are described with up to 37 fields of metadata, including a controlled vocabulary.  

Statistical Datasets has a basic module and several premium datasets. Click here for a listing of datasets and sources available in the repository.

The premium datasets are:

What Datasets Are Included in Data Planet Statistical Datasets?

To see which datasets are included in Data Planet, go to the Data Planet home page and view the "Browse Data by" section to see which Subjects and Sources are available to begin your search.  

Subject Browse:

Browse By Subject Menu

Source Browse:

Browse By Source Menu

All datasets are also visible within the "Datasets" page using tabbed browsing via the left-hand navigation:

Left-Hand Navigation

If your institution subscribes to any premium datasets, they will appear in the left-hand navigation on the "Featured" tab, as well as within the appropriate Subject and Source tab listings.. 

For a full listing of datasets available in Data Planet Statistical Datasets, and the sources of these datasets, see Data Planet Datasets and Sources.

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