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Business, Marketing, and Economics (BME): Business, Marketing, and Economics (BME) Datasets

Provides an overview of datasets in the Data Planet statistical repository relevant to business, marketing, and economics (BME).

About Business, Marketing, and Economic Datasets

Many datasets included in the Data Planet repository are relevant to this broad subject area:

  • Analyze data at the zip-code or county level to understand prospective markets for new products. 
  • Examine consumer trends from subnational to global levels.
  • Explore trade statistics for both US and international markets.
  • Analyze historical trends in stock markets and other financial indicators.
  • Explore potential correlations between recession and other socioeconomic and political trends.

....and much, much more. 


In this search guide, specific sources and datasets are highlighted to illuminate how the statistics they contain may relate to your research in business, marketing, and economics.


Accessing and Viewing Statistics in the Data Planet Repository

Datasets in the Data Planet statistical repository are accessed via Data Planet Statistical Datasets, which offers powerful functionality for comparing and contrasting multiple indicators. The platform offers multiple export options and cutomizable visualizations complete with statistical abstracts and citations that can be used in your own work products and papers.

For information on features and functionality, please visit the Data Planet Statistical Datasets search guide.

What Datasets Are Included in Data Planet Statistical Datasets?

To check the datasets available in Data Planet, or to see if your institution subscribes to any premium datasets, such as EASI Analytics, go into Data Planet Statistical Datasets and look at the Indicator column along the left. If you subscribe to any premium datasets, you'll see them listed, along with all available datasets, in the indicator tree on the left-hand side of the screen. 

Datasets and indicators may be browsed by broad subject category and by source.You'll notice many of the areas have applicability to business and economics.


For a full listing of time series available in Statistical Datasets, and the sources of these time series, see Data Planet Datasets and Sources.For information on how datasets are selected for inclusion in Data Planet, please see the Data Planet Coverage Policy.

Macroeconomic Data Example: External Debt as % of Gross National Income


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