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Business, Marketing, and Economics (BME): Statistics Relevant to Business News and Events

Provides an overview of datasets in the Data Planet statistical repository relevant to business, marketing, and economics (BME).

Statistics and Current Events

Many datasets included in the Data Planet repository include statistics on current topics in business:

  • Follow counts of new coronavirus cases and fatalities.
  • Examine stock price trends.
  • Explore trade statistics for both US and international markets.
  • Analyze employment and unemployment trends.
  • Review the behavior of financial indicators during periods of recession.

....and much, much more.

Key Economic Indicators

The Data Planet repository provides data on key economic indicators that are commonly referenced by business press and industry analysts. The examples below are a small sample of what you'll find when you're logged into Data Planet!

Total National Debt - Daily - The total national debt is often quoted in news sources - in Data Planet you can find both data for a specific day and also analyze historical trends.

Total National Debt Held by the Public vs Intragovernmental Holdings. The multi-select function in Data Planet makes it easy to compare different indicators. Hold down the Control (or Command) key and left-click to select multiple indicators.

Initial Unemployment Claims -  This metric reports the number of first claims for unemployment each week - a statistic many are anxiously tracking in the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. You'll find many other indicators of employment and unemployment, parsed by race, ethnicity, gender, age group, and more in Data Planet.

Heating Oil Prices - Heating oil prices are a "hot" topic every winter and influence consumer behavior. The US Energy Information Administration collects and disseminates this data from October through March, which is considered the "heating year" in the United States.

Crude Oil Price - Crude oil prices also influence business decisions.

Mortgage Rates - Using data published by Freddie Mac, this DataSheet compares historical trends in 30-year vs 15-year mortgage rates.

Industrial Production (G.17) - The Federal Reserve's monthly index of industrial production and capacity utilization is a key macroeconomic indicator tracked by business decisionmakers. This DataSheet charts trends in production of computer, video, and audio equipment vs appliances, furniture, and carpeting.

Dow Jones Industrial Average - Making a business decision? Statistics on the Dow Jones both reflect and influence investor behavior.


What Happened Here?

What happened here is a feature that allows a quick Yahoo search to find out what happened. 

Users may double click on a point in a trend chart (this example shows a click on 2009) and call up news stories that discuss those statistics.

The search box can be edited if the user would like to search for different, or additional, text.

Compare and Contrast Statistics Relevant to Business News

Housing starts are an indicator of the nation's economic health. Below, starts are viewed against the trend in the federal funds rate, ie, the rate charged by a depository institution on an overnight loan of federal funds to another depository institution.

To find statistics of interest, browse the left-hand side of the Data Planet interface. Review the "In the News" and "Key Economic Indicators" listings. Peruse the subject categories to consider your area of interest or open the Browse by Source listing to identify known data publishers or agency that is likely to collect data on your topics:

Select multiple indicators or items to analyze in a single data visualization or chart by holding down the Control key and left clicking on multiples indicators of interest. The trend below compares two key measures of employment:

The chart below selects multiple items in the Industry selection list, which creates a comparison of the value added to GDP of four industries:


To learn more about Data Planet functionality, including charting options, exports, and more -  visit here!

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