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Business, Marketing, and Economics (BME): Local Area Business Statistics in Data Planet

Provides an overview of datasets in the Data Planet statistical repository relevant to business, marketing, and economics (BME).

Using Data Planet to Explore Business Climate and Opportunity

Data Planet offers a wealth of statistics to help you consider business opportunities in an area of interest. As an example, here we will have a look at a specific scenario:

We’ll assess Las Vegas as a prospective area to relocate our software development company.

  • Our core customer base is the hospitality segment.
  • We will need to relocate 15 managers & other staff.
  • We plan to hire 150 people over 18 months, and 300 over 36 months.

Let's take a look at metrics related to business environment and livability of the region.

Data Planet



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Las Vegas Sample Data

Las Vegas and Clark County Local and Business Statistics

Log into Data Planet through your library's website. Dive in for a preliminary look at the available data by searching on location names in the Quick Search box in the upper right of the Data Planet interface: (("Las Vegas" OR 'Clark County") AND nevada). Note that the search results display includes an option to Show all results or Group by similar results. 

You're able to filter the results by Subject Terms, Source provider of the dataset, and Database, which is the larger dataset from which the particular indicator in the search results listing is drawn.


Clicking on a result link will return you to the exact spot in  Data Planet where you can view the data visualization and analyze underlying data further. For example in the chart below, we compare how people who work in Las Vegas commute to work:


Another way to assess where to find metrics of relevance is to explore the Browse by Subject and Browse by Source areas on the left-hand side of the interface: 


For example, the size of the leisure and hospitality industry would be highly relevant to the opportunity. In the chart below, we've used data from the Census Bureau County Business Patterns database on counts of establishments and employees in the Accommodation and Food Services industry of Clark County and data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis on the gross domestic product of the industry. To bring in multiple indicators, simply select an item of interest in the left-hand panel and then, holding down the Control key, left click with your mouse on the next items of interest. To view the underlying data, click on Show/Hide Data icon in the center tool bar:


Other metrics of interest might relate to the following topics.

  • Banking and Finance - Perhaps you prefer to bank with a smaller or community bank - this chart ranks Clark county banks by Total Assets.
  • Demographics - A diverse staff is important to your company vision. What's the racial make up of the population?
  • Casinos - How many casinos and gambling businesses are there in Las Vegas?
  • Housing Market - Las Vegas
  • Personal Income - Las Vegas
  • Crime Rate - Clark County
  • Educational Attainment - Clark County
  • Taxation - There's no personal or corporate income tax in Nevada.What are other sources of tax revenue for the state?

Explore Data Planet to find and analyze statistics that help you assess whether your business idea makes sense!

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