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Marketing Resources and Data Planet News for Libraries: Library Catalog Descriptions

Tools to help libraries communicate about the Data Planet statistical repository with their communities.

Suggested Library Catalog Descriptions for Data Planet

Data Planet Statistical Datasets

Explore a vast collection of US and international statistics in Data Planet Statistical Datasets. With this dynamic tool, you can scan and search the contents of billions of datasets, compare and contrast variables of interest, and create customized views in tables, maps, rankings, and charts. Views also include descriptive summaries of the datasets and data sources. Datasets cover a wide range of subjects – including business, finance, banking, economics, sociology, political science, demography, agriculture, education, international studies, criminal justice, housing and construction, labor and employment, energy resources and industries, and more. Sources include public, private/commercial, and nongovernmental organizations.

Subjects: Statistics and Data, Business, Finance, Economics, Sociology, Political Science, International Studies, International Relations, Demography, Agriculture, Education, Criminal Justice, Housing and Construction, Labor and Employment, Energy Resources and Industries, Climate and Weather

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Suggested Library Catalog Descriptions and Direct Links for Data Planet Premium Modules

For those institutions subscribing to the Data Planet premium modules, we suggest adding a listing for each of these in your A-Z list of databases to help increase awareness:

China Yearly Statistics

The China Yearly Statistics (National and Subnational datasets) available in the Data Planet repository provide yearly historical indicators of social and economic characteristics of the People’s Republic of China. Included are national-level statistics dating in some cases to the 1950s. Our subscription to Data Planet also includes access to subnational data distributed by the China Data Institute, which provides data for provinces, cities, and counties in China. Topics range from population; national accounts, including Gross Domestic Product and Balance of Payments; employment, labor, and wages; financial and banking data; price indices; government income and expenditures; agriculture; industry, construction, and transportation; domestic and foreign trade; education; health; and natural resources. After entering Data Planet, find China Data Institute datasets in the Browse by Subject – International listing, or under Browse by Source – China Data Institute.

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Claritas Consumer Profiles

The Claritas Consumer Profiles datasets, available in Data Planet, offer three different geo-demographic segmentation products that help identify groups of consumers who are as likely, more likely, or less likely than the average segment, to engage in various behaviors:

  • ConneXions®, designed for communications marketers, classifies households by video, voice, and data purchasing preferences.
  • PRIZM® Premier, designed to find customers and prospects, classifies households by behaviors.
  • P$YCLE® Premier, designed for financial marketers, classifies households by income-producing assets (IPA) of the household.

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Claritas Financial and Insurance CLOUT

Enter Data Planet to use the Claritas Financial and Insurance CLOUT database allows users to identify the potential demand for financial and insurance products and services by geographic area in the United States. Both current-year estimates and five-year projections are available.

  • ​Financial CLOUT provides geography-based estimates of market penetration and user household dollar volume for more than 100 financial products and services.
  • Insurance CLOUT provides geography-based estimates of usage and consumption for over 300 insurance and annuity products and services.

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EASI Market Planner

Enter Data Planet to explore this large database, comprising 13 datasets useful for market and business research. Using input data from the Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Mediamark, EASI develops model-based indicators of the demographic characteristics, consumer spending, and behavior patterns for a wide range of geographic areas—state, counties, census tracts, and block groups. Mediamark is a market research firm that annually publishes The Survey of the American Consumer, based on detailed interviews of 26,000 households.After entering Data Planet, find EASI datasets in the Browse by Subject – EASI Analytics listing, or under Browse by Source – EASI Analytics.

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Data Axle Reference Solutions: Historical US Business

The Infogroup Business USA database, available as part of our Data Planet subscription, provides data on businesses in the United States, at national and subnational geographic units. Data on businesses in US territories is also included. Data are collected from multiple sources, including direct calls to businesses. Statistics are presented on company counts, employee counts, and sales by industry, company, and company location. After entering Data Planet, find Data Axle datasets in the Browse by Subject – Industry, Business and Commerce listing, or under Browse by Source – Data Axle.

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